Nick "DGFX" Theriot

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Artist   


The name DGFX was founded by me, Nick Theriot in mid 2011. The name was used as a YouTube channel name set out to produce videos on helping the average user with basic editing in programs. Later on interest for creating  high-quality photo-realistic visual effects evolved. To this day I, DGFX specializes in creating visual effects, motion graphics, and digital graphics. that can be seen throughout the community. I eventually plan on expanding my expertise in the film community. Today im a 16 year old high school student pushing forward to eventually go to college at a film college such as Full Sail University or Dave School both schools locating out of Florida, USA.  



I been working across a wide variety of video & graphic editing programs for 2 years now. My current workflow I use Adobe Master Collection, Cinema 4D, Auto Desk 3DS Max, Turbulance FD, Nitroblast, Realflow, RayFire, and Fume FX.  Check out my show reel on my reel page to see my work from the past and skills.